We Fix Leaky Chimneys

Did you recently purchase or move into a home with a chimney system? Are you concerned that your existing chimney system may have sustained damage? Or maybe you’ve experienced a storm or lightning strike and aren’t sure how to move forward?

Whatever the case, Garden State Chimney is here to help with all your chimney inspection needs – and that includes level 2 chimney inspections.

When Are Level 2 Chimney Inspections Needed?

  • a lightning flashing on a dark blue sky over two chimneysWhen there has been damage to the chimney or venting system that may have affected its structural integrity or safety
  • Before making any significant changes to the heating system (think changing fuel types or relining)
  • When a home is being sold, as part of a real estate transaction
  • After a threatening event, like a chimney fire, earthquake, lightning strike, or severe weather occurrence
  • If there are any visible signs of a problem throughout the chimney (cracks, deterioration, etc.)
  • When transitioning from one heating appliance to another (like switching from a traditional fireplace to a wood stove or gas insert)
  • Periodically for routine maintenance and safety checks
  • When recommended by a certified chimney professional

Why Do Chimneys Need To Be Inspected?

Many of our customers are shocked to learn their chimney systems need to have annual maintenance. It’s true – if your home has a chimney system of any type, it needs to be inspected and swept (cleaned) at least once a year. This number may rise, too, depending on frequency of usage and a few other factors.

Chimney systems are all designed with one purpose in mind – to keep you and your family as safe as possible while you enjoy the cozy ambiance of a toasty fire on a cool night. Chimney systems are designed to funnel smoke – and other unwanted byproducts that come with heating your home – up and out of your living space.

When your system isn’t regularly inspected, maintained, and cleaned, it becomes susceptible to creosote buildup, chimney fires, blockages, damage, and more, all of which can make it unsafe to use your system. Having your chimney inspected each year is the best way to catch any potential problems before they put you and your family at risk.

What Are the Different Levels of Chimney Inspections?

When it comes to chimney inspections, there are three different levels. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • a magnifier over the word "inspection" in the dictionaryLevel I – This is a basic, simple visual inspection of the components of your chimney that are visible to a chimney technician inside and outside of your home. This is appropriate if you haven’t made any changes to how you use your system (like how often you use it, or the type of fuel being used).
  • Level II – This level includes a basic visual inspection, but the chimney tech will also use specialized video equipment to really see all the interior components of your chimney system. This type of inspection should be done any time a chimney changes ownership. If you have experienced or suspect any type of damage from a chimney fire, severe weather, etc. then you also need to have this type of inspection done before you use your system again. 
  • Level III – This is the most intense level of inspection. This level is reserved for instances when more extensive damage is suspected deep inside your chimney system. Level III inspections typically involve taking apart pieces of your chimney or removing parts of the home structure to be able to thoroughly investigate any damage.

How Do I Know Which Level Chimney Inspection I Need?

The level you need depends on what you have going on with your home and chimney system. The best way to know for sure is to call our friendly staff. They are happy to help figure out what level will be the best for your specific chimney and home needs.

We always recommend customers have a level II inspection done any time a chimney changes ownership, or there is damage suspected. If you are looking to have your chimney inspected as part of your annual maintenance, a level I inspection is typically appropriate. At Garden State Chimney, we offer both level 1 and level II inspections.

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Chimney inspections are a big deal, ensuring you can use your fireplace and chimney system free of worry. Garden State Chimney has certified chimney technicians standing by to take care of all your chimney needs. If you still have questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your inspection, our friendly staff is standing by to get you taken care of.

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