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Chatham, NJ holds an A+ rating on Niche based on the great local schools, housing options, and overall safety. So it should come as no surprise that this quaint little town was voted as one of the top 10 best suburbs to raise a family in New Jersey.

A family-friendly community means there’s a plethora of activities here in town that you can do with your kids. Maybe one day, you opt for an adventure to the Library of the Chathams, and then head straight out to enjoy your book under a nice shady tree at Memorial Park. Another day, you might grab some local goodies from the Chatham Borough Farmers’ Market, then let the kids wear off some energy at a local favorite – Castle Park Playground.

But when that beautiful weather rains on your parade, there’s still hope that you can create lasting memories with a fun family movie night by the fire.

But before you grab the popcorn and your favorite movie candy, allow Garden State Chimney to help make sure your fireplace is in tip-top shape, ready to provide the warm and cozy atmosphere your family deserves. Call us at 973-519-0802 or schedule with us online today.

I called Garden State Chimney in a pinch regarding a unique situation we are in. Dan called me right back, came out the same day and was amazing in explaining what needed to be done with our fireplace and chimney. I don’t usually write reviews, however, I am blown away in how prompt, professional and thorough Dan was. Definitely don’t hesitate in calling him, amazing service, realistic fair prices and prompt service! Thank you so much Dan!

-Amanda B.

Why Is Regular Chimney Maintenance Important?

Since fireplaces and chimneys are only used a few months out of the year, the maintenance required for these systems all too often gets put on the back burner. In addition to ensuring your fireplace is operating safely, we also want to help it burn as efficiently as possible. That’s why it is important to schedule an inspection and chimney sweep at least once a year.

Now, we don’t encourage you to take on chimney maintenance yourself. That’s what our certified chimney technicians are for! However, there are a few things homeowners can do to check if a certified chimney technician is needed.

  • Check the cap, flashing and crown. If you can safely access the roof – and are comfortable getting up on it – there are a few chimney components you can look over. The first is the chimney cap. Make sure it is securely attached to the chimney and in good condition. Next, inspect the chimney crown or chimney chase cover, which is the flat part that sits right below the top of the flue pipe. It is either made of concrete or metal and shouldn’t have any cracks in it or rust. Finally, check the flashing around the base of the chimney and ensure it is sealed tight.
  • Inspect the firebox. This is where the fire burns. In the firebox, you are looking for cracks or rust, along with any signs of creosote, excessive buildup of soot, animal droppings, or unpleasant odors. All of these things point to a bigger problem within the chimney.
  • Test the damper. Is the damper easy to open and close? Does it open and close fully, without any issues? If you answered no to either of these questions, you may be in need of a damper replacement. Sometimes, because of where the damper is located, it may be difficult to further inspect (and we don’t recommend you try).
  • Look for signs of leaks. The last thing you can check for are any possible leaks. Common indications of a leak include: white/patchy areas on the bricks, mossy patches growing from the mortar, rusted metal components, discolored bricks, damp/musty smell coming from the fireplace, standing water in the firebox, and staining on interior walls and chimney.

If you notice anything above not looking right, you should call Garden State Chimney as soon as possible. There is likely an issue that requires further inspection and prompt repair services to prevent further damage.

What Should I Look for in a Morris County Chimney Company?

You hear stories every day about good, hard-working people that end up paying way too much money for a service they are extremely disappointed with. It’s frustrating and we understand why homeowners are so skeptical about trusting someone with the safety of their home and family.

At Garden State, we believe that you deserve nothing but the best. You can help avoid wasting your time – and, more importantly, your money – by checking out a few things about a new chimney company before hiring them.

Dan did a great job inspecting both of our fireplaces and chimney, giving us his expert advise. He was personable, knowledgable and efficient. Would definitely hire this man again for any fireplace/chimney needs.


  • Positive Reviews: Take a peek at Google and the company’s Facebook page. What do your friends and neighbors have to say about their experience? Not only that, but how do they respond to negative reviews? Did they respond professionally or offer solutions to help make it right? Just like a lot of people on the internet these days, you can tell a lot about their character based on how they treat people while behind a keyboard.
  • Industry Certifications: It is kind of concerning knowing that just about anybody can get up on the roof and start working on their chimney if they wanted to. That’s why we recommend you look for certifications from trusted organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to make sure the chimney technician has undergone proper training – and has more than just basic knowledge about your fireplace system.
  • Licensing & Insurance: All home service companies should have the proper license to operate in their state, as well as insurance coverage. The last thing you want is to be held financially responsible for an injury that occurs on your property because the company you hired didn’t have proper insurance. Always make sure you and the company stay protected in the off chance that accidents happen.
  • Comprehensive List of Services: Some companies only offer basic services like chimney sweepings and chimney inspections. Which is fine, if that’s all you need. But what happens if during either of those services, you find out you’re suddenly in need of chimney repair? You have to start the process of finding a trusted chimney company all over again. If you stick with Garden State Chimney, we will be here to help with all of your chimney and fireplace concerns.

Now, you could run over to Google and search “reputable chimney companies near me,” then spend hours scouring company websites for the above information. Or you could give us a call because we check all of the boxes. We don’t want to waste your time while you sit around waiting for a response, so we always make sure we are quick to get back to you.

What Services Does Garden State Chimney Offer?

Remember how we previously mentioned the importance of finding a company with a comprehensive service list? Check out all of the services we perform in and around Chatham, NJ every day.

  • Chimney Inspections: We offer level 1 and level 2 inspections. We are able to use a special camera that rotates 360 degrees in order to view every nook and cranny of the flue. This ensures that the chimney and fireplace are in optimal condition for burning fires.
  • Chimney Cleanings: Trying to stay on top of the yearly chimney cleaning recommended by industry experts? We can provide a thorough chimney sweep to clear out any and all creosote, soot, leaves, twigs, animals, and more, thus reducing your risk of fires or gas leaks significantly.
  • Chimney & Fireplace Repairs: Unfortunately, there are several places that a chimney could be leaking from, and if you don’t have keen attention to detail, you could miss it. That’s why you should schedule an inspection every year. This helps ensure we find the leak as soon as possible and stay on top of necessary repairs. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you are helping reduce the risk of more expensive repairs in the future.
  • Chimney Relining: We offer relining options for your chimney, furnace, boiler, and water heater. Ask us about your options and what would work best for your needs and fuel types.
  • Fireplace & Insert Installation: You have probably heard how popular gas fireplaces are becoming because of how low maintenance they are compared to wood-burning fireplaces. So if you’re considering replacing your traditional fireplace with a gas fireplace, gas logs, or gas inserts, be sure to give us a call. Having exceptional knowledge in this industry allows us to confidently handle just about any job.
  • Gas Fireplace Service: Even though gas fireplaces require less maintenance, they still require yearly preventive maintenance and cleanings. We would be happy to help with that too.

Whether you need a routine inspection, a thorough cleaning, or repairs to get your chimney back in the best shape possible, our team is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to handle any chimney and fireplace-related task.

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As a reputable and trusted chimney service provider, Garden State Chimney has built a strong rapport with our community through exceptional service and customer satisfaction. That is why homeowners in Chatham, Madison, Florham Park, Summit, Springfield, and other surrounding neighborhoods turn to us time and time again for their fireplace needs. We take pride in being able to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

When it comes to the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your fireplace, don’t settle for less than the best. Choose Garden State Chimney and experience the difference that our expertise, dedication, and personalized service can make. Call us today at 973-519-0802 or request your appointment online, and let us prove to you why we are the trusted experts in chimney and fireplace services.


It’s no problem at all for us to pop over to West Orange to make sure residents there get all the same professional chimney and venting services we provide throughout our inclusive service area.